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Increase your performance, get better fuel consumption, delete that annoying DPF or EGR Light & DTC's removed.....Using state of the art & up to date Mapping equipment

What do we do

We use the most up to date Genuine Alientech equipment on the market

(Be wary of those offering remapping using cloned equipment)

Vehicle Remapping service, where we can adjust the programming on your vehicles ECU to allow your vehicle to perform to its full potential 

What is car remapping?

Engine remapping is when the car’s onboard computer (often called an Electronic Control Unit, or ECU) is modified with new software to affect its behaviour.

From the factory, the vast majority of cars won’t have their engine’s maximum potential performance on offer — even on sports cars. ECUs usually limit the engine’s performance affecting reliability, emissions and fuel consumption.

Your car’s engine may also be limited slightly to make sure it can deliver a balance of fuel consumption and outright performance in less-than-ideal conditions, such as very hot weather (when engines typically produce less power.)